Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Card 2015

This December was hard on me being so sick pregnant BUT one Sunday evening I realized we were all looking clean and happy and so we threw on some matchy matchy clothes and headed up the street for impromptu family pictures. I was so pleased how well they turned out for such low effort! I didn't even buy a thing for these ...didn't cost me a cent. They aren't as nice as professional pictures but they're not too far off! Here is our card we sent out this year. 

Updates and Highlights
Stewart- this year he was excited to start his fourth year of radiology training. He is really looking  forward to starting fellowship here in Tucson this July. Only 1.5 five years until his training is done, but who’s counting? 
Emily-was nervous about fostering and having six kids 9 and under but to our grateful astonishment we are alive and doing well! Fostering small infants has been really hard but absolutely worth it. We have had three babies over this year, so blessed.
Bridger(9)-this year he started 4th grade. He loved swim team this summer and basketball this fall. He might not admit it but he enjoyed cross country and is really enjoying chess and violin. His favs are science, math, Legos and Harry Potter.
Angeli(8)- this year she started 3rd grade. She LOVED swim team, is enjoying soccer, she worked so hard in cross country and improved her time a lot. She is enjoying chess team, student council, and recorders at school. Her favorites are art, reading, writing and her bunnies. 
Benjamin(7)- like his older siblings he excelled at swim team, is playing hard in soccer, endured and did super well in cross country. At school he loves chess team and his class Opera that they are writing, practicing, making all the props for this year. His favs are science, recess, and Legos. 
Genevieve(4)- This girl is still our sunshine girl. This year she loved swim team, and started soccer. She is the cutest soccer player, she plays hard and has tons of fun. She loves preschool and is super excited for kindergarten next year. Her Favs are friends, family, fruit snacks, big hugs and playing!
Naomi(2)-This little miss is so darling. We are all wrapped around her finger. She has been a wonderful big sister to our foster babies. She loves her play school and nursery a lot. Her favs are mommy, books, the doggy, the bunnies, babies and sugar.
Estimated Time of Delivery July 2nd

It was fun to finally announce that we were expecting. I hadn't told anyone except family and it was nice to share because I felt like people must wonder why I was so out of it and such! 

Bridger Evan

Angeli Noel

 Genevieve Celeste


Benjamin Merlin 


Naomi Faith 

Doreena Felicity 

Stewart and Emily 

What a happy and pretty little crew I've got myself! 
love these people! Merry Christmas! 

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