Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Magic - Winterhaven

Oh, this year we had such a fun time at one of our favorite Christmas traditions,Winterhaven. We had so much fun knowing exactly where we wanted to head to to see our favorites and we loved seeing the new additions to the neighborhood too. 

Our all time favorite is the "Bellagio House". The lights, water, and music show are so much fun! We stayed and watched several songs. its really magical 

This nativity was newer and I loved it I want to have Stewart make me something like this for our house some day.  

This year they had a Christmas story house. It was fun to sit and look through books! 

Stewart got off work a little after we got there i was stressed it'd be hard but since we've done it each year it was so easy knowing where to park and getting around was not a big deal without him. but we were so happy to have him join us! 

We like always loved hte princess house. It so fun to see the new princess they add after each new movie!  

I always love the giant present house too! 

Next door they have the Christmas card house. this one s always really special for the kids to write letters. 

And although I didn't get any really great pictures I have to mention how much we love the Winterhaven Zoo house. Its a huge corner lot right when you enter the neighborhood and they have probably 50 different animal "enclosures" with all sorts of cute animals. It is so much fun looking through all the adorable animals. Its in our top two for sure! 

Like everything this year as we go about our holidays and traditions and favorites and have such a good time my mind is drawn to the sad fact that it is our "last time". Winterhaven was especially sad for me. Each year we've come to Winterhaven we've had a new baby to bring along for their first Christmas and saying goodbye to all those years and memories and this chapter of our lives full of babies absolutely breaks my heart. To think back over Naomi, Memphis, Doreena, and now baby Christian I just feel so sad that as we move forward Memphis, and Doreena will not be coming with us. It is so painful but I have to believe that the future holds more joy than I can yet imagine. But in moments I have to mourn and say my good byes. Good bye Winterhaven. 

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