Monday, April 24, 2017

Naomi Faith is 4 years old!

I started to take pictures of Naomi and this is how they were we changed tactics. :O) 
And she loved it. A sheet, a sunny window, and her mommy and then we got this. 

This sweet girl is full of personality. She has started to pick out pink clothes and more girly items but stresses to me that she does not want to be called "cute". She just wants to be awesome. So if I promise to not call her cute she will proceed with girly items. when I do her hair if she thinks its fancy in anyway she'll try ad take it out unless I promise that I wont let people call her cute....its hard when she is really a pretty cute girly to try and keep people from commenting on that fact...but I do my best. :) Her preschool teacher is so good about that. Naomi is always nervous to walk in and her teacher wont comment on her looks, she just welcomes her and gets the fun started no matter how shy Naomi is feeling. She loves SUPER things.  Her favorite show is PJ Masks who are little kids who put on the PJs and become super heroes at night and Paw Patrol. 

Her favorite colors are Red, Blue, and Green. Bright and strong colors. :O) Her best friend is Jack. She loves him more than I've ever have had a child love a friend. I kind of hope they grow up and find each other at BYU someday. I think losing him when we move will be really hard on her. I did day care type stuff when she was a baby and Jack was the little guy we had for a long time. She loves to lead and be the leader and when our family goes on hikes or walks she HAS to be leading the way...which can be tricky when she doesn't know that way. ;)  

She loves her Mommy and Daddy. She likes to call her daddy Stewart for some reason. She does not like calling me Emily, but she loves Stewart. lol Angeli is her favorite big sister who helps her and nurtures her so sweetly. She ADORES Christian. Being a big sister is her favorite thing EVER. She thinks he is the best baby ever and being able to teach him and show him the way is so rewarding for her. I'm so thankful she has a baby brother! They will be best friends forever. She'll play cars and trains with him all day long and he will let her be the leader. Match made in Heaven! Every morning she comes in my room and cuddles with me and Christian while he nurses and then she play with her brother after he's all full of milk. She goes from groggy and grumpy to delighted and giggly with her baby brother there to brighten the morning. She cheers for him with his little steps and adventures.

 I love hanging out with her all day when the big kids are at school. She is funny, happy, silly, smart, helpful, and a good girl. She hates when she realizes she's made a wrong choice. You hardly have to reprimand her. Just a stern voice and she is crying and says, "I'm sorry mommy!". Her getting in trouble always ends with a big hug and me telling her its okay she knows better now. 

She has recently decided that learning her numbers, letters, and letter sounds, and adding is where its at! I love hearing her singing her ABC's. Her favorite letter is of course the letter N. "up, down, up!" 

She is a treasure to the entire family. Everyone like playing with Naomi. She spunky and funny. Even if she is bugging you don't get bugged because she is just so entertaining. You cant help but laugh when she is laughing. I Love you my little miss. Always and Forever! 

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